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Τεχνολογική περιοχή: ΑΓΡΟΔΙΑΤΡΟΦΗ

6. Food As Medicine

"Food as medicine": Spotlight on immunity and health

"Food as medicine" has benefited globally from consumers looking at preventive health amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, yoghurt and sour milk products, which have intrinsic probiotic content, take the lead in the prime positioning of immune support, and maintained growth in 2021. Milk with immune support claims remains a niche, although it was the fastest growing category in 2021.

Aside from immunity, products geared towards gut health, in connection with the gut-brain axis, and targeted at improving mental and emotional well-being, will also continue gaining traction. Product innovation has been active in this space, with product launches such as cheese snack Babybel Plus+ with probiotics, and desserts from Thai brand Dutchie Plus+ with added probiotics, claiming to support mental wellbeing, the nervous system and brain health, and improve the immune system.

Source: https://www.euromonitor.com/article/five-key-trends-shaping-dairy-products-and-alternatives

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