Horizon Scanning

Τεχνολογική περιοχή: ΑΓΡΟΔΙΑΤΡΟΦΗ

5. Greenhouses

Rise Of Energy Producing Commercial Greenhouses

The high energy use in controlled environment agricultural operations has been a cause for concern from the beginning. Commercial greenhouses, in particular, are reshaping how we think of energy by producing it themselves. ClearVue Technologies installed their energy-generating photovoltaic glazing panels on the world-first clear solar glass greenhouse. 

TSO Greenhouses is another AgriTech company with the primary objective of maximizing greenhouse light management. It was officially opened at 1pm WST on 19 April 2021 and partially funded by an AUD$1.6 million grant. 

Construction, the greenhouse incorporates a range of sensors that record and present an array of data in real time, providing scientists with accurate information relating to conditions like temperature, humidity and the actual amount of light that plants are receiving.

Wide-spread commercial adoption will be several years away - but is it 3 years or 10+ years? 

Photo: https://www.clearvuepv.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/137_CLEARVuePV_210419__DSC5159-scaled.jpg 

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